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28.10. – 30.10.2022


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Two small journeys spanning thousands of years – and yet to reach destination

From Tigris and Euphrates to the Niles, a stretch along the Cephissus, a leap over the Tiber, and from there a voyage unrestrained along the Danube, Rhine, Aura, Dnieper, Volga, Tagus, Rhone and even the Limmat. And from Harappa on the Ravi, in a wide arc along the Yamuna and on to the Ganges and its immense basin area, over to the east and up to the north, scaling the sheer mountain faces to the roof of the Earth, over the top and down into the land of the setting sun, the Yellow River, the Forbidden City. Although we may be forbidden from travelling there overland, a trip to Goryeo – today known as Korea – with its Silla tombs, is a must. And just as Zurich marks the end of the first journey, Nihon, Land of the Rising Sun, brings the second journey to its close.

And yet its final destination remains unknown. That is a tale to be told and discovered when we meet...

Bring all and any odds and ends with you. Things, fragments of things, good finds, precious possessions, junk, memories, all the stuff you’ve been planning to get rid of or upcycle – nothing that you’ve finished – anything you like, as long as it is your very own, maybe with a deeply hidden or immediately apparent meaning for you. It should be able to fit into a shoe box easily, and you won’t need a bike trailer or a trolley suitcase. Everything you bring remains yours, and there won’t be any heart-baring sessions: You’re in no danger of primal screams, life confessions of spiritual seances. Everybody should stay exactly as they are. And as you want to be.

P.S. Tools, materials and procedures are not the responsibility of the “instructor”.
Otto Künzli
1948 born 22 July in Zurich, Switzerland
no BA
no MA
no PHD
no Dr. Schmuck
1972 marriage to Therese Hilbert
1976 birth of daughter Miriam
works and lives in Munich Germany
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