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16.07. – 18.07.2021

ten Hompel

From hand to mouth.

A spoon as a tool
The first principle of a spoon is the hand and the arm, the hand is the bowl and the arm is the handle. The spoon is the first tool which a person learns to use and which accompanies him throughout his life. Since the beginning of spoons they have been made to also carrier massages. Back then they were companions of the everyday and when travelling.

Today, travelling spoons in an assortment of materials, have been missing any kind of personal notion.
To find out, what application, function and designation a spoon has, is the staring point of the workshop for building a personal eating tool.

Metal is my preferred form of communication, not only as a material for making pieces, more over as a medium to carrier content. I am interested in trial and error whether meaning a subject matter as form of narrative functions. This playful approach is my way of making, testing and research of materiality in metal.
The life of humans and the being of objects is of interest to me and to interpret their construct in 3D‘text‘ narration in a variety of materials, forms and function.
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