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The pioneering approach of outstanding gold and silver smiths, experiences agents and innovative artists from Switzerland and abroad enriches the process of creation and leads the way to the essence.
Above the city of Zurich
The Goldschmitte goldsmith’s studio provides you with a bright, sunlit workspace, well-equipped work benches, a pretty garden, sunlight and parasols – and a magnificent atmosphere.
As you make your way from the lake, through the city and up the hill to the studio, the journey alone gives you a very special view over Zürich – and when you get up here, you’ll be surrounded by utter peace, seclusion and a wide open view of the lake.
With Concentration and Quality
The workshops are aimed at goldsmiths and jewellery designers, architects and artists, designers and teachers, students and ambitious and interested people.
With Taste and Composure
While the workshop is underway, a homely, fresh meal will be prepared for you.
Eating together is part of the process. Sometimes it’s a distraction, sometimes an in-depth study and sometimes simply pleasure.
Accommodation in Zurich
We’ll be delighted if you’re making your way here from out of town, and can recommend two excellent places to stay:,
Workshop fees: CHF 500
Students are entitled to a 10 % discount.
A discount is offered if more than one workshop is booked.
Participants: maximum 8
Subscription: up to two weeks before the workshop begins.
Advance payment: half of the workshop fee.
Tools are available.
Course material is included in the cost.
Metal is charged separately.
Course languages: German and English

You will receive detailed information before the workshop begins.
Modifications reserved.



The Who’s Who of Switzerland and the international jewellery scene offer mesmerising, monolithic, unembellished, beyond-the-comfort-zone, artistic, instinctive, downright wrong, lithe, carnal, astonishing, hazy, porous, slender, thought-provoking workshops. See for yourself.